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viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Little Richard • Little Richard with Buck Ram Orchestra

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Show Credits
A1 - Little Richard - Aint Nothin' Happenin'
A2 - Little Richard - Why Did You Leave Me
A3 - Little Richard - Every Hour
A4 - Little Richard - I Brought It All On Myself
A5 - Little Richard - Taxi Blues
A6 - Little Richard - Get Rich Quick
B1 - Little Richard - Please Have Mercy On Me
B2 - Little Richard - Thinkin' 'Bout My Mother
B3 - Buck Ram - Crazy Lips
B4 - Buck Ram - Any Hour
B5 - Buck Ram - Hey Operator
B6 - Buck Ram - That's A Lot Of Brass

Label: RCA Camden ‎– CAL 420
Released: 1958
Genre: Rock, Blues

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7 comentarios:

  1. Later released as "In The Beginning". (Cut before the Specialty stuff?)
    Whatever the case, this is new to me and I gotta check it out.

  2. A little research reveals the RCA cuts were '51 - '52, 3 years before the Specialty sessions.
    Who new? He started on the big time commercial label! (They probably didn't know what to make of him.)
    But the R&B Specialty label sent him into orbit!

    1. Thank you very much for the research contribution Rev. !

  3. Thanks for this, amazing when one considers these tracks date from 51-52 and Richard is still with us today. I saw him perform live once, circa 1972, it was a fun concert.

    1. RCA CAMDEN's mono-only LP entitled LITTLE RICHARD and BUCK RAM and his ROCK'N RAM ORCHESTRA (CAL 420) was a budget line item that in the late 1950s sold for under two bucks (ram). That this set of obscurities has since become a top dollar collectable is one of the vagaries of the vinyl world.

      In the early '50s, (Little) Richard Penniman was one of the pioneers of rock & roll, although his hard-edged original songs always had wider acceptance when diluted by white cover artists like Pat Boone ("Tutti Frutti" indeed!).
      Buck Ram's greatest success was in guiding the careers of and writing hit singles for the Platters.

      All of Side One was recorded for RCA at WGST Studio in Altanta. The first two tracks on Side Two are credited to Richard, yet there's no session info available on either.

      PERSONNEL on Little Richard tracks
      Richard Penniman (vcls/pno); Willie Mays (tp/leader); Willie Wilson (tb); J. Wimby (pno); Fred Jackson (tenor sax); Albert Dobbins/Carlos Bermudaz (alto sax); J. Hudson (baritone sax); George Holloway Jr. (bs); Donald J. Clark/J. Williams (dms)

      SIDE ONE - (Little Richard)
      Aint Nothin' Happenin' (1/12/52)
      Why Did You Leave Me (10/16/51)
      Every Hour (10/16/51)
      I Brought it All on Myself (1/12/52)
      Taxi Blues (10/16/51)
      Get Rich Quick (10/16/51)

      SIDE TWO
      Please Have Mercy on Me - Little Richard (?)
      Thinkin' 'Bout My Mother - Little Richard (?)
      Crazy Lips - Buck Ram
      Any Hour - Buck Ram
      Hey Operator - Buck Ram
      That's a Lot of Brass - Buck Ram

    (a great discographical site), pairs up "Please Have Mercy.." w/"I Brought it On..",
    and "Thinkin' 'Bout.." w/"Get Rich.." on the RCA 45s. (Not that that necessarily helps with session dates.)
    Nice to see the personnel info. Great work!

    1. Yes luckily this information has been available, and I have the doubt if the Fred Jackson (tenor sax), is the same as the one in this post: