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lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018

Mike Turk & The Alkaline Jazz Trio • A Little Taste Of Cannonball

Mike Turk is a no-nonsense musician and the harmonica is his life.He is one of a rare breed who started out with the blues harp and went on to get an enviable technique on the chromatic. His home base is bebop with a healthy swinging approach. He shows familiarity with some interesting melodic scales. He makes a harmonica statement that should reach out beyond the harmonica audience. Turk is a fiery player came out of the bluesharp and assimilated the chromatic quite fluently knows his changes and aims for swing! Go for it Mike!
~ Toots Thielemans

Mike Turk has applied the language of the saxophone to the harmonica in a very impressive fashion it amazes me.
~ Jerry Bergonzi

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1. Sack O' Woe
2. Jeannine
3. Thing's Are Getting Better
4. This Here
5. A Little Taste (mp3)
6. Save Your Love For Me
7. Hamba Nami
8. Wabash
9. Dat Dere (mp3)
10. Cereal Killer

Mike Turk-harmonica
Alberto Marsico-hammond B3
Alessandro Di Puccio-vibraphone
Alessandro Fabbri-drums

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