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martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

Satans Pilgrims • Around the World with Satan's Pilgrims

Review by Nitsuh Abebe
The neo-surf sounds of Satan's Pilgrims are completely focused on the narrow genre the band has defined for themselves, and while this isn't a terrible thing, it does imply that most listeners won't particularly need to own more than one of the band's releases. Considering this, the concept of Around the World with Satan's Pilgrims makes the album stand out as the best and most worthwhile of the band's releases; the tracks on the record are organized by location, including covers of John Barry's "Theme from Beat Girl" (Britain), Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave" (Brazil), and the Ventures' "Ginza Lights" (Japan). Around the World also touches on Cuba, France, and several American locations. The band does an excellent job of actually adapting their signature surf sound to the musical traditions of each location, and this lends the record a level of variety that's largely absent from their other releases.

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1 Spanish Head 3:11
2 Theme From Beat Girl 1:19
3 Wave 2:34
4 Downshiftin' 1:53
5 Malaguena 3:49
6 The Fountain 3:03
7 Devil's Punchbowl 2:50
8 Hamilton Beach 1:31
9 Ginza Lights 2:27
10 The Godfather 2:36
11 La Cazuela 3:07

Label: Empty Records (US) ‎– MTR 351
Released: 1997
Genre: Rock / Style: Surf, Garage Rock

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