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jueves, 23 de agosto de 2018

Lonnie Smith • Afrodesia

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01. Apex (aka Straight To The Point) (from AFRO-DESIA) - 6:53   
02. Flavors (aka Impressions, Favors) (from AFRO-DESIA) - 10:21   
03. Afrodesia (from AFRO-DESIA) - 9:18
04. Good Morning (aka The Awakening) (from AFRO-DESIA) - 7:50
05. It's Changed (from FUNK REACTION) - 6:07
06. When The Night Is Right (from FUNK REACTION) - 7:01
07. All In My Mind (from FUNK REACTION) - 5:39

The Afrodesia album has been reissued a number of times since 1975, with different tracks and different names for the same songs, etc. It's quite a mess. This reissue is from 1996 and should be seen as a compilation album, as there are tracks from not only the original Afro-Desia album, but also from the Funk Reaction album.

Greg Hopkins (tp); Joe Lovano (ts); Lonnie Smith (key); "A Friend" (George Benson) (g); Ralphe Armstrong (el-b); Ben Riley (d); Jamey Huddad (d, perc) + unknown vcl.

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  1. You can grab the missing, long Spirits Free track from YouTube to complete the original Afrodesia album. Great gathering of musicians. Thanks,Jorge.

    1. TRY

  2. I finally i got this. Grettings from Chile