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sábado, 9 de junio de 2018

500 Enameled Objects [500 Objetos Esmaltados]

The classic art of enamelling is experiencing a well-deserved renaissance - and it's stunningly captured in this curated survey. Over 300 international contemporary artists have contributed museum-worthy pieces, which range in scale from small pieces to large sculptures and public art. Some of the creators take a minimalist approach, using only soft colours and matte finishes, while others exploit the material's vibrant palette and glass-like surface. The broad technical applications include everything from simple sifting and torch firing to complex cloisonne and plique-a-jour. Each volume in the 500 series focuses on a single craft and showcases a spectrum of gallery-quality examples from the best international artists in the field. With such ingenuity on display, these books are an exciting testimony to the creative possibilities of each medium.
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