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The Organ Trio • Gig Bag

01/05/0005 Fred Shuster, Los Angeles Daily News
Trio leader Mullen is among the U.K.'s finest jazz guitarists, with a resume that takes in stints in the great '70s funk revue Kokomo and Britain's popular '80s sax 'n' ax ensemble Morrissey-Mullen. Here, the guitarist applies his full-bodied delivery to a nice set of cookers like "El Jo," organist Mike Gorman's tribute to the late Elvin Jones, capped by a fine drum solo from Matt Skelton. The unit also carries off touching interpretations of the Puccini aria "Nessun Dorma" and Nino Rota's "Godfather II" theme. Somebody, please bring Mullen and this brilliant group to the U.S. for dates.

27/02/0005 Dave Gelly, The Observer
A new generation of jazz organists have a new approach to the old monster. They replace the funky, high-energy attack of the Sixties masters with harmonic subtlety and delicate washes of tonal colour. The Organ Trio's Mike Gorman is a leading exponent of the style, which blends beautifully with the guitar of Jim Mullen and drums of Matt Skelton. Naturally, with Mullen on board, the music swings compulsively and there's plenty of good melodic grit to keep you listening - but there's surprise and a bit of mystery as well. You wouldn't imagine that three jazz musicians could turn 'Nessun Dorma' into a wispy, ethereal little thing, would you? They also bring out the elegant contours of Brubeck's 'The Duke' and swing 'Blueberry Hill' into the middle of next week. But it's the originals that really catch the attention, especially Mullen's 'Don't Ask' and Gorman's 'Slow Flow'.

1 - Strayhorn
2 - The Duke
3 - Gig Bag
4 - El Jo
5 - Nessun Dorma
6 - Don't Ask
7 - Slow Flow
8 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
9 - Lullaby
10 - Dilly Dally
11 - Theme From Godfather II
12 - Blueberry Hill

Release: 01/01/2005

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