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lunes, 30 de abril de 2018

Charlie Earland Trio feat. George Coleman • Soul Crib

This album has never seen the light of day on CD. Some tracks were later released on a few of Charles' Muse albums; namely Smokin' and Mama Roots, but careful checking of track timings reveals slightly different versions. In this regard they may have not been from the same session. George Coleman's addition to Charles Earland’s Trio truly makes this LP magnificent. He plays beautifully right throughout the whole session. In addition the listener cannot disregard the intuitive playing of Jimmy Ponder whereby he at times gets some marvelous opportunities to really stretch out. Of course as always Charles Earland beyond any doubt greatly entertains with his vivacious mastery of the B-3. Similarly without Walter Perkins’ driving the beat on drums and the inclusion of some very innovative percussive effects the tunes wouldn't be as dynamic. "Soul Crib" leans more toward the jazz side of things, featuring no fewer than five standards, one swinging original ‘The Dozens’ and a psychedelic free improvisation piece called ‘Mus’ Be LSD’ that seems completely out of place. Taken together the album truly entertains and clearly showcases George Coleman’s tenor blending seamlessly with Charles' big organ sounds. A masterful gem for its time and is highly recommended.

A1. Soon It’s Gonna Rain {Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt} (7:31)
A2. Strangers In The Night {Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder, Avo Uvezian} (5:02)
A3. Old Folks {Dedette Lee Hill, Willard Robinson} (5:29)
B1. The Dozens {Charles Earland} (2:50)
B2, Milestones #2 {Miles Davis} (2:45)
B3. Mus' Be LSD {Charles Earland} (6:33)
B4. Undecided {Sid Robin, Charlie Shavers} (6:35)

Charles Earland - Organ
George Coleman - Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Ponder - Guitar
Walter Perkins - Drums

Recording Engineer - Rudy van Gelder
Recorded November, 1969 in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Label: Choice Records
Catalog#: ST 520
Genre: Jazz
Style: Soul Jazz

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