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domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Ray Bryant • Ray Bryant Trio

Review by Ron Wynn
Pianist Ray Bryant solidified his reputation with this outstanding 1957 trio release. It displayed his facility with the blues, speed, gospel influence, and interpretive abilities on such songs as John Lewis' "Django" and Clifford Brown's "Daahoud." It also contained Bryant's funky originals "Splittin" and "Blues Changes," and was punctuated by Ike Isaacs' careful bass work and Specs Wright's loose, in the groove drumming. This set has recently been reissued by Fantasy, and the remastering provides a fine sonic framework for Bryant's heady, unpredictable, and often exciting playing.

1. Golden Earrings (Livigston-Evans-Young) 4:50
2. Angel Eyes (Dennis--Brent) 3:19
3. Blues Changes (Ray Bryant) 4:58
4. Splittin' (Ray Bryant) 4:37
5. Django (John Lewis) 5:00
6. The Thrill Is Gone (Brown--Henderson) 4:51
7. Daahoud (Clifford Brown) 4:00
8. Sonar (Wiggins--Clarke) 3:21

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