egroj world: VA • Crossing the Pond_An Hour of Transatlantic Hammond Heavies

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

VA • Crossing the Pond_An Hour of Transatlantic Hammond Heavies

Selection by / Compilado por:

Dave Russell with the Wright Sounds – Harlem Shuffle Pt2 (Jemal)

New London Rhythm and Blues Band – Soul Mate (Vocalion)
Casey and the Pressure Group – Powerhouse (Wizdom)
Andre Brasseur – Pow Pow (MFP)
Bob Kuban and the In Men – Batman (Musicland USA)
Dave Baby Cortez – Popping Popcorn (Okeh)
Four Instants – Watermelon Man (Society)
The Pop Ups – Lurking (HBR)
George Semper – Get Out Of My Life Woman (Imperial)
Cocktail Cabinet – Breathalyser (Page One)
Merritt Hemmingson – The Letter (RCA)
Trudy Pitts – Bucket of Soul (Prestige)
Troy Thompson Band – 1-2-3 (Dee Dee)
Donald Seward – Studio B Funk (Revolution)
Inez and Charlie Foxx’s Swinging Mockin Band – Shimmy (Dynamo)
Graham Bond Organisation – Wade In the Water (Ascot)
Wynder K Frog – Dancing Frog (UA)
Shotgun Express – Curtains (Columbia UK)
Brother Jack McDuff – But It’s Alright (Atlantic)
Wildare Express- Why Am I Treated So Bad (Brunswick)
Mohawks – Ride Your Pony (Pama)
Ross Carnegie – Cool Dad (El-Con)
James Brown – Shhhhhhhh (For a Little While ) (King)

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