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lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound • Let's Cool One

Review by Mark Deming
In a world where the average person's knowledge of funk doesn't seem to go far beyond what Dr. Dre borrowed from George Clinton, it's a pleasure to have the Diplomats of Solid Sound around, who with cool and concision conjure up the shades of the Meters and Booker T. & the MG's on their 2003 album Let's Cool One. While it would be a mistake to say that Hammond handler Nate "Count" Basinger and his partners in crime are quite up to the level of their role models, they hit the target with a lot more accuracy than one might expect, and while these guys know how to brew up a percolating groove (try "Ribsticker" or "Swamp Chomp" and you'll see), they also have an admirably laid-back approach to old-school soul, knowing not to force it if it doesn't fit. Featuring 11 swank originals and a quality cover of Sly Stone's "You Can Make It if You Try," Let's Cool One doesn't stray terribly far from its influences, but these guys are just good enough to capture not just the sound but the ineffable feel of vintage instrumental soul, and they do it with taste, flair, and just the right amount of grit. And any band who not only knows enough to call a song "Pistol Allen" but makes the name-check stick must be doing something right. Cool stuff.

1 The Cuber Bake
2 Who's Got The Grady
3 You Can Make It If You Try
4 Swamp Chomp
5 Shadow Of Your Soul
6 Ribsticker
7 My Place BBQ
8 Pistol Alien
9 Don't Touch My Popcorn
10 Escape From Shantytown
11 Clyde The Clyde
12 The Plush Club

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