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martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017

Gabor Szabo • Femme Fatale

Gábor Szabó - guitar
Chick Corea - piano (track 5)
Leon Bisquera - keyboards
James Harrah - guitar
Abraham Laboriel - bass
David Roney - electric bass
Hugh Moran - drums
Everette Bryson - percussion
Gary Grant, Jerry Hey - trumpet, flugelhorn
William Reichenbach - trombone
Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams - reeds
Lawrence Sonderling, Bobby Dubow, Ken Yerke, John Wittenberg, Sheldon Sanov, Carol Shive - violin
Pamela Goldsmith, Arthur Royval, Michael Nowak - viola
Ronald Cooper, Ray Kelley - cello
David Campbell - arranger, conductor

Recorded at Fidelity Recording Studio in Studio City, Los Angeles

"Femme Fatale" - 8:13
"Zingaro" (Antonio Carlos Jobim) - 7:08
"Serena" (James Harrah) - 3:37
"A Thousand Times" - 9:17
"Out of the Night" (Chick Corea) - 8:07

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