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martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

VA • Sleazy Surf! Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

VA • Sleazy Surf! Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

A1 - Royaltones     Black Lightning    
A2 - Moptops     Moptop    
A3 - Regents     Motivation    
A4 - Bedwells     Karate Again    
A5 - Gestics     Invasion    
A6 - Vulcanes     Moon Probe    
A7 - Bob Vaught & The Renegades     Church Key Twist    
A8 - Moons     Gammera    
B1 - Motivations     Motivate    
B2 - Hustlers     Migraine    
B3 - Motions     Big Chief    
B4 - Nomads     Bounty Hunter    
B5 - A-Jacks     Fury    
B6 - Twilight Stringers     Pale Face Twist    
B7 - Barracudas     Saturn    
B8 - Telstars     Topless

Label: Caper Records ‎– C-101
Genre: Rock
Style: Surf, Lounge, Instrumental

A1 - St John & The Cardinals     Rampage    
A2 - The Mockers     Madalena    
A3 - The Outlaws     Hold Up    
A4 - Los Holys     Melodia Encantada    
45 - Bruno & The Gladiators     Istambul    
A6 - The Blacksheep     Baa Baa    
A7 - Dick Polodor     Samoa    
A8 - The New Dimensions     Phantom Skier    
B1 - The Velvetones     Doheny Run    
B2 - The Chandelles     El Gato    
B3 - The Webs     Lost (Cricket In My Ear)    
B4 - The Invaders     Davey Jones Rocker    
B5 - The Sherwoods     El Scorpion    
B6 - The Weirdos     Jack The Ripper    
B7 - The Vee Eights     Trick Fueler    
B8 - The New Dimensions     Phantom Skier

Label: Caper Records ‎– C-102
Genre: Rock
Style: Surf, Lounge

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