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miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

VA • Acid Jazz Movie & TV Themes

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Acid Jazz Movie and TV Themes contains a number of familiar themes ("Mission: Impossible," "Rollerball, " "Love Boat, " "Top of the Pops, " "Dirty Harry, " "The Flintstones") that have been arranged as acid-jazz songs. Clearly, the album was designed to appeal to the hipper-than-thou audience that celebrates kitsch, not quality, but peel back the ironic layers, and there are some intriguing beats and textures here. There just aren't enough to make it worthwhile to anyone but patient, open-minded listeners.

1. The Professionals - Lovetrain
2. Dave Allen At Large (Blarney's Stoned) - Kozmic Trooths
3. Mission Impossible - James Taylor Quartet
4. Rollerball (Executive Party) - Akimbo
5. The New Avengers - Snowboy
6. Countdown (Calender Countdown/Disco Conundrum) - Pippa And The Four From The Top
7. Love Boat - Spice
8. Angels - Van Groove
9. The Sweeney - Flying Squad
10. The Graduate (Mrs. Robinson) - James Taylor Quartet
11. The Cricket (Soul Limbo) - Sockadelic
12. The Heist (Money Is) - Corduroy
13. Allegretto Per Signora - Wipeout
14. Dirty Harry - James Taylor Quartet
15. Snooker (Dragracer) - The Hurricanes
16. Riot On 103rd Street - Mother Earth

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