egroj world: The Cook Trio • Moonlight

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

The Cook Trio • Moonlight

Acoustic Gypsy Jazz in the style of legendary guitarist, Django Reinhardt. Enter the nattily dressed Cook brothers, natives of these parts, who, Frankenstein-like, raise Reinhardt back to life through their acoustic guitar trio. Formed in April 2005, the Cook Trio consists of Ian and Jason Cook and Kyle Jones, who were brought together by their common love of Reinhardt's passionate music and anarchic spirit.

01. Cou Cou
02. It Don't Mean A Thing
03. Ma Premiere Guitare
04. Dolores
05. Swing For Ninine
06. Belleville
07. Ernie's Tune
08. Delphie
09. Double Scotch
10. Mademoiselle De Bucharest
11. Moonlight
12. Beeline
13. Red Light

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