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viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

Buddy Cole • Have Organ, Will Swing

 Edwin LeMar "Buddy" Cole (December 15, 1916 – November 5, 1964), was a jazz pianist and orchestra leader. He played behind a number of pop singers, including Rosemary Clooney, Jill Corey, Johnnie Ray and The Four Lads, who recorded for Columbia Records. As "Buddy Cole and his Trio" he recorded the albums Some Fine Old Chestnuts and New Tricks with Bing Crosby.
Buddy Cole was born in Irving, Illinois, and started his musical career in the theater playing between movies. He moved to Hollywood and played with a couple of bands, most notably the Alvino Rey big band, before becoming a studio musician. Joining the John Scott Trotter orchestra as a pianist in 1947, he worked closely with Bing Crosby for a number of years and in 1954 he began a daily radio show with Crosby supported by a trio comprising Vince Terri on guitar, banjo etc., Don Whittaker on bass and Nick Fatool on drums. Cole played piano and electric organ. He and Crosby built up a large library of songs which could then be inserted into the show. Cole also recorded a similar library of songs with Rosemary Clooney (with whom he had previously toured) and these songs together with those of Crosby's were employed in The Bing Crosby – Rosemary Clooney Show (1960-1962). Albums with his combo were recorded on piano and Hammond organ.

Fake Cover

1. That Old Black Magic
2. Memories of You
3. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
4. Early Autumn
5. I Hear Music
6. They Can't take that Away from Me
7. I Cover the Waterfront
8. Two Little Girls
9. Let's Fall in Love
10. Blue Lou
11. It All Depends on You
12. Lullaby of Broadway

Date: 1958

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    1. I like to listen to these old recordings trying from the optics and the setir of that time. Many thanks for your comments!

  2. Your "fake" cover is actually the original. It was quickly withdrawn, airbrushed, and reissued.

    1. So the cover of the girl showing her legs is the original of the year 1958? It does not look like it, but if you know it it will be like this. discogs covers for example, scanned from vinyl, do not have the girl showing her legs. While recent reissues do. Also the girl's legs do not look anatomically correct or so it seems to me. maybe someone else can confirm what you say. Thanks for comment, I will see to clarify the matter and to deal with the error.