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martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Barbara Dennerlein • Spiritual Movement No.2

As an encore to her critically acclaimed "Spiritual Movement No.1", "Spiritual Movement No.2" (Bebab 250974) was released in October 2008, and takes jazz on the mighty pipe organ to a level never before heard. On this spectacular live recording, Barbara plays jazz compositions -mostly her own- on the massive Schuke pipe organ, in the world famous Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis Church in Berlin. For those that still cannot believe it's possible to make this 4-manual, 5000 pipe monster really swing, a few minutes spent listening to her ultra-cool version of "Satisfaction" will soon convince them otherwise. Only Barbara could take a tired old war horse like "Satisfaction" and breathe life (and funk!) into it on an instrument most people associate only with church music!

Album Notes
From the “Queen of the Instruments” to the Queen of the Pipe Organ
\"With \"Spiritual Movement No. 2\" Barbara Dennerlein honours one of the most historically significant places in Germany: the Emperor William Memorial Church in Berlin. Built around 1900, it was largely destroyed by a hail of bombs in 1943 and 1944. Restored and expanded it has become a global icon of architectural history and a dramatic symbol of Germany’s reconstruction. Its Schuke-Organ, built in 1962/63 and most recently modified in 2005, has four manuals, 63 stops, and 5000 pipes, and during a concert on November 16th, 2007 it had Barbara Dennerlein at the console.
It is Barbara Dennerlein’s indisputably unique artistry to make the powerful pipes, voluminous manuals, and weighty pedals more tractable for the turbulent syncopations of jazz. Even prior to the new millennium she began her ambitious project to create a musical cosmos for jazz on the pipe organs of this world. Her journey has always been characterized by a respect for the challenge, an immersion into the myriad worlds of these instruments, and an ability to surmount all the pitfalls associated with their registrations and mechanics. Nevertheless, \"Spiritual Movement No. 2\" reveals: no longer is she an artist seeking to conquer the \"Queen of all Instruments.\" Rather, she is now the \"Queen of the Pipe Organ\" who deftly reigns over her instrument as a vital means for expressing her musical intentions.
Barbara Dennerlein enters the exalted choir loft and lays down some furious and \"Funkish\" music – so energetically, that out of habit one might think of a Hammond B3 in a jazz club. Of course the reality is that only a magnificent instrument such as the pipe organ can do justice to such a grandiose pedal bass solo. Through such artistry and technique Barbara Dennerlein has created an unrivaled and unique selling point within the entire world of jazz.
Barbara\'s music effects the complete transformation of 5000 organ pipes to a jazz instrument with no \"ifs\" \"ands\" or \"buts.\" The result is a phenomenal groove. Barbara Dennerlein’s uncompromising pursuit of intensity, drive, and the intoxication of timbre are on display in her blues compositions takes things yet again to the next level like an improvised thunderstorm of uncommon originality and gradually speed. It’s a spectacular piece performed by an absolutely extraordinary talent. This CD comes with a promise, each time one listens to it he is apt to discover a new aspect of his own musical world.\"


Traducción Automática:
Como un bis a su aclamado "Movimiento Espiritual No.1", "Movimiento Espiritual No.2" (Bebab 250974) fue lanzado en octubre de 2008, y toma el jazz en el poderoso órgano de la pipa a un nivel nunca antes escuchado. En esta espectacular grabación en vivo, Bárbara toca composiciones de jazz -sobre todo las suyas- en el enorme órgano de Schuke, en la mundialmente famosa Iglesia Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis de Berlín. Para aquellos que todavía no pueden creer que es posible hacer este 4-manual, 5000 monstruo de tubería realmente swing, unos minutos pasados escuchando a su versión ultra-cool de "Satisfacción" pronto los convencerá de lo contrario. ¡Sólo Barbara podría tomar un viejo caballo de guerra cansado como "Satisfacción" y respirar vida (y funk!) En él en un instrumento que la mayoría de la gente asocian solamente con música de iglesia!

1. The Unforgettable
2. Always Remember
3. I-797
4. Funkish
5. New York Impressions
6. Farewell to Old Friends
7. Satisfaction
8. Home Is Where My Heart Is

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