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Tiny Topsy • Tiny Topsy & Friends

Born Otha Lee Moore, 22 May 1930, Chicago, Illinois
Died 16 August 1964, Chicago, Illinois.

Active from the mid-40s, when she sang with the Al Smith band in Chicago, Tiny Topsy also made a number of well-received R&B records under her own name during the late 50s and early 60s. Among her recording sessions are some for Federal Records, from one of which came ‘Aw! Shucks, Baby’/‘Miss You So’, billed as by Tiny Topsy And The Five Chances, and which featured tenor saxophonist Ray Felder and vocal group the Charms. Also for Federal she made ‘Come On, Come On, Come On’/‘Ring Around My Finger’, ‘Waterproof Eyes’/‘You Shocked Me’, ‘Western Rock’n Roll’/‘Cha Cha Sue’ and ‘Just A Little Bit’/‘Everybody Needs Some Loving’. Of these, ‘Just A Little Bit’ was later covered very successfully by several artists, including Rosco Gordon and Jerry Lee Lewis. She also released ‘After Marriage Blues’ and ‘Working On Me, Baby’, recorded in 1961 for Argo Records. For some years ‘Tiny Topsy’ was believed to be a pseudonym used by singer-songwriter Bernice Williams (who wrote ‘Western Rock’n Roll’) although this is now largely discounted. Just who Tiny Topsy was remains unknown.

32 tracks of fantastic 1950s Rockin' Rhythm & Blues!
The first part of the album is the CD issue of the Tiny Topsy album Aw Shucks Baby previously only released on vinyl.
The CD is made up to a massive 32 tracks with bonus tracks from other great female Rhythm & Blues rockers of the era including Big Maybelle, Shirley Gunter, Linda Hopkins, Mickie Champion, Mary Knight and many others.

Tiny Topsy
1 Tiny Topsy - After Marriage Blues
2 Tiny Topsy - Working On Me Baby
3 Tiny Topsy - Aw! Shucks Baby
4 Tiny Topsy - A Woman's Intuition
5 Tiny Topsy - Miss You So
6 Tiny Topsy - Come On Come On Come On
7 Tiny Topsy - Ring Around My Finger
8 Tiny Topsy - You Shocked Me
9 Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit
10 Tiny Topsy - Everybody Needs Some Loving
11 Tiny Topsy - Waterproof Eyes
12 Tiny Topsy - Western Rock 'n' Roll
13 Tiny Topsy - Cha Cha Sue

and friends
14 Big Maybelle - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
15 Joan Shaw - Hand Holdin' Baby
16 Shirley Gunter - I Want You
17 Mari Jones - Riba Daba Doo
18 Millie Vernon - Bloodshot Eyes
19 Dolly Cooper - My Man
20 Annie Laurie - Rockin' and Rollin' Again
21 Jeanette Baker - Crazy With You
22 Big Maybelle - Mama
23 Linda Hopkins - The Magic Song
24 Katie Webster - Mama Don't Allow
25 Mickie Champion - Bam A Lam
26 Big Maybelle - Do Lord
27 Marie Knight - I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them
28 Etta James - Every Night
29 Marie Adams - A Fool In Love
30 Lil Bryant - Ho Ho
31 Rosetta Perry - Farewell Blues
32 Rosetta Perry - Get Out and Go

Bass – Edwyn Conley, Johnny Pate, Unknown Artist
Choir – Unknown Artist
Drums – Donald Clark, Edison Gore, Phillip Paul (
Guitar – Arthur Porter, Clifford Bush, John Faire, Lefty Bates, Wilbur Wynne
Piano – Ivory Joe Hunter, Jim Palmer, Jon Thomas, Sonny Thompson, William Wallace

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