egroj world: Mary Osborne & Marian McPartland • Now's The Time

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Mary Osborne & Marian McPartland • Now's The Time

01 Now's The Time 6:02
02 Sophisticated Lady 3:10
03 In A Mellotone 6:00
04 Laura 3:44
05 I'll Remember April 6:57
06 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? 4:05
07 Straight, No Chaser 4:15
08 But Beautiful 5:01

Personnel:Marian McPartland, piano
Mary Osborne, guitar
Lynn Milano, bass
Dottie Dodgion, drums
Vi Redd, tenor sax

Recorded: Live at the Rowntowner Motel, in the Monticello Room, Rochester NY. on June 30th 1977

This file is intended only for preview!
I ask you to delete the file from your hard drive after reading it.
thank for the original uploader: deGallo

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  1. This is my rip from my LP. Why do you take other peoples rips and post them as your own? To make it worse you ruined it by converting my flac (lossless) rip to a lousy mp3!!!
    The very least you could do if you are going to steal someone's hard work is to give credit to the original poster/ripper!!!! Please remove this and do not steal any more of my rips!!!!

    1. Good afternoon. Well it's not what you think, the file I offer was uploaded on April 4, 2015, first posted on Friday, April 10, 2015, the present post uses the same file and it is only effect to release this album to new visitors to the blog.
      Quite possibly, by the size and format, the original file has downloaded it from here:
      post of March 30, 2011, I remember uploading it previously to megaupload, which was deleted when the server was disabled. Therefore, your assessment is not correct.
      The spirit of the blog and my person is to spread the music that I personally enjoy. I hope you understand. regards

    2. Well, it remains that that is my rip. Someone, you, or someone else down sampled it to mp3 from flac.
      The scans are identical to my scans. The music files are identical to my files when viewed in an Audio Editor!
      I know you will never believe this!
      At the very least when you post something that you have not personally ripped from your OWN CD or LP then courtesy demands you say in your post "NOT MY RIP. ALL THANKS TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER/RIPPER".
      Otherwise you are just stealing others work and posting as if you did all the work.
      I never understood why people like you scavenge the WEB, taking others posts and then post them as if they are their work!
      You are in the wrong here and you know it.
      Unfortunately there is nothing I can do....except if I ever see anything you post on any blog I belong to I will bring all these comments up and let people know what you are doing!!!!

    3. It is definitely not my intention to make people feel bad, although I do not know what your blog is but what I'm sure is that I have not downloaded it directly from your blog or from torrent, since I found it on a DVD of 2014 a backup of that file in mp3, but if it comes from your flac I put you in the credits. I respect your criteria, I really do not care to keep the credits of the file, there are many files that are from this blog that come from their own source and are posted in other places, not that I find it annoying, as my intention to spread the music of my pleasure I must admit that I am anarchic in this matter, it is simply that, we Latinos are like that.
      I hope this has been translated correctly.