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domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

James Simpson • Soul Revival

James Simpson is his name and "groovin'" is his thing! He's one of the hardest working musicians in the music business. James has recorded and performed with a host of world class musicians from all over the world. He also tours and records with his own groups. simpsonsound Message Over the years, I've had the opportunity to record and share the stage with some of the best and most innovative musicians in the history of recorded music, worldwide. Some legends and some local heroes. All of them are my heroes. I've learned so much from each and every one of them. I'd like to thank them all for allowing me the chance to be a part of history. As a kid, I was happy when I could afford a used Ramsey Lewis, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder or Jimmy Smith record or reel to reel from "Salty's Record Attic" back in Modesto, California. I never dreamed that one day I'd be on stage with or getting lessons with anyone of them. The recordings were lessons themself. Being on the gig or getting personal lessons just about "blew my mind". Thank you all so much.
In the past eight years I've been more active as a producer, drummer and organist. I'm often asked if I perfer playing drums or organ and visa versa. My answer to anyone concerned is both. Drums and organ are deep in my roots.

From the church to the chittlin' circut you'll find both. My love for both instruments are equal. To me, playing an instrument is about communicating through expression on your instrument. It's not about how many notes one can play at 400 bpm or how one can slide an odd meter rhythm into a simple tune or lightening fast fill in one bar. It's about groovin'. As the great Dr. James Polk would say, "Whatever you do, DO NOT FORSAKE THE GROOVE."
I try to play and create music that feels good to me and the listener. That's jazz, soul, funk, rock or whatever. On both instruments, I'm able to express any emotion that I desire. From love to hate or joy to pain. If there is a spiritual or physical emotion involved, I'm able to express it on either instrument.
James Simpson's Jazz GroupSoul Jazz is actually a mixture between Jazz and Soul, and it is not so much a genre of music but a feeling. The quality lies in the catchy harmonies and melodies as well as in the groove. It can be easy listening in the style of Ramsey Lewis all the way to blues-boppin' in the style of Jimmy Smith or Jimmy McGriff. A musical background that invites you to relax, lounge and just feel at ease.
Soul Jazz is for people with style and those who are not foreign to enjoying life. This music WILL make you move.
James Simpson is an international artist from Ceres, California and based in Mannheim, Germany. Although his talents are versatile, he is known as a soul jazz organist, keyboardist and drummer on a worldwide scale. James was raised in the Afro-American Baptist church on Gospel music, but also on his father's diverse music collection.

1 I Was Made To Love Her
2 High Heel Sneakers
3 When Lights Are Low
4 There Is No Greater Love
5 Wade In The Water
6 Gospel Time Encore
7 Povo
8 If I Were a Bell

date February 27, 2007
duration 50:20 / Solid Rock Music Group

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