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lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

Gerard Gibbs • To Be Or Not to B-3

By Jim Santella, Published: February 1, 2002
Gerard Gibbs' organ trio offers a lot more than the classic ensemble sound that builds from funk and blues. Ten years studying with Groove Holmes and another five with Jimmy Smith has given him the sensitivity to make this debut recording swing hard. The organ trio will never fade from our memories. Gibbs, however, adds more. Alongside the classic funk of ORGANized Crime, the leader adds sampled scat voices in ensemble form to "Killer Joe, "Lately and his original, "Let's Go. The result is somewhat forced.
Unnatural and nearly lifeless, the vocal ensemble samples stand out in opposition to what Gibbs is trying to communicate here. Instead of a natural, organ combo swing, the unit is restrained in places with the stutter-step of sampled voices. Elsewhere, Gibbs swings hard and turns on the burners. Tributes to Groove Holmes and Bill Heid work well in this context. An innovator who swings hard, Gibbs has created an uneven session. The program closes with a lovely arrangement of "A Time to Remember" that allows plenty of space for choice improvisation by each trio member. To Be Or Not To B-3 shows clear signs of better days ahead for ORGANized Crime.

Track Listing:
Let's Go ( For "Groove" )
Record A Me
I'll Remember April
Killer Joe
Off The Top
"Heid" & Seek (Dedicated to Bill Heid)
A Time to Remember

Personnel: Gerard Gibbs- organ; Perry Hughes- guitar; Brother Jabari- drums, percussion.

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