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domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Eddie Davis Trio with Shirley Scott • Roulette RS 52019

Eddie Davis - Tenor Saxophone
Shirley Scott - Organ
George Duvivier - Bass
Arthur Edgehill - Drums

A1. Close Your Eyes {Bernice Petkere} (2:32)
A2. Canadian Sunset {Eddie Heywood, Norman Gimbel} (4:14)
A3. Just One More Chance {Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow} (2:58)
A4. Night And Day {Cole Porter, Fred Astaire} (3:26)
A5. Snowfall {Claude Thornhill, Ruth Thornhill} (2:18)
A6. Afternoon In A Doghouse {Eddie Davis} (3:21)
B1. A Gal In Calico {Arthur Schwartz, Leo Robin, Johnny Mercer} (3:38)
B2. [Where Are You] Now That I Need You {Frank Loesser, Don Covay} (2:36)
B3. This Time The Dream's On Me {Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer} (3:00)
B4. There Is No Greater Love {Isham Jones, Marty Symes} (2:52)
B5. What Is There To Say {Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg} (2:27)
B6. Fine And Dandy {Kay Swift, Paul James} (3:10)

Total Time: 36:32

Recorded March, 1958 in New York City

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