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jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

David Grisman & Martin Taylor • Tone Poems II

Review by Ken Dryden
David Grisman doesn't stick exclusively to mandolin on this top-notch duo date with guitarist Martin Taylor, playing mandola, mandocello, tenor guitar, and guitar as well. As on this album's predecessor, the two artists play a different vintage instrument on each track, though the music this time is much more familiar to jazz fans. The interpretations of such classics as "Swanee," "Anything Goes," "Blue Moon," and "Over the Rainbow" are consistently both stunning and fresh. The gems among the jazz compositions include Django Reinhardt's "Tears" and a tour de force arrangement of Chick Corea's "Crystal Silence." Two surprising tracks are the usually trite "Mairzy Doats" (an irritating song that was a huge hit in the '40s) and the very snappy take of the often tedious "Besame Mucho"; when musicians the caliber of Grisman and Taylor can make something out of unpromising songs like these, it demonstrates how gifted they are. Highly recommended.


Tone Poems 2 is an album by American musicians David Grisman and Martin Taylor, released in 1995. It is Grisman's follow-up to his collaboration with guitarist Tony Rice on Tone Poems. This is a more jazz-oriented recording, on which Grisman and Taylor play on a variety of vintage fretted classic instruments (altogether they use 41 guitars, mandolins, mandolas, tenor guitars and mandocellos).

1 Swanee 4:22
2 Teasin' The Frets 1:53
3 It Had To Be You 3:15
4 Please 3:14
5 Mood Indigo 3:09
6 Anything Goes 2:06
7 Blue Moon 4:24
8 Lulu's Back In Town 2:59
9 Tears 3:10
10 Jeepers Creepers 2:57
11 Over The Rainbow 4:18
12 Musette For A Magpie 3:16
13 Mairzy Doats 2:16
14 Besame Mucho 4:41
15 Unforgettable 3:07
16 Here's That Rainy Day 3:26
17 My Romance 4:02
18 Out Of Nowhere 3:44
19 Crystal Silence 3:38

Guitar – Martin Taylor
Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Guitar, Producer – David Grisman

Recorded at Dawg Studios, January 1995

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  1. Unusual and very nice..thanks for alot of interesting music!!

    Stuffy from Sweden