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jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

Vitrales ingleses / English stained glass

Son 1200 imágenes de vitrales de toda Inglaterra, en archivos de altísima calidad, comprendiendo un total de 2,6 GB. Cada archivo tiene la información correspondiente y se encuentran en formato jpg.


 There are 1200 images of stained glass from all over England, in files of the highest quality, comprising a total of 2.6 GB. Each file has the corresponding information and is in jpg format.

Vitrales ingleses 1º entrega de 5

Vitrales ingleses 2º entrega de 5
Vitrales ingleses 3º entrega de 5
Vitrales ingleses 4º entrega de 5
Vitrales ingleses 5º entrega de 5


4 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the stained glass by Burne-Jones.

    But many of the files from part 5 seem to be corrupted.

    I have no problem with parts 1 to 4.

    Could you try to reupload part 5, please.

    1. I tried the download and it works perfectly, try again, possibly you have had problems in the internet flow.

  2. I have tried again and you are right :

    Everything went fine. It must have been a temporary problem of some sort.