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sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

The Sugarman Three • Soul Donkey

Review by Steve Huey
The Sugarman Three's second album for Desco Records, Soul Donkey isn't markedly different from its predecessor, delivering catchy, infectious, funky soul-jazz instrumentals driven by leader Neal Sugarman's alto sax and Adam Scone's Hammond organ. The group positively revels in their late-'60s sound, and their sincere appreciation for the somewhat maligned groove style communicates itself very effectively.

Description Related Products: Originally released in 1999, on the Desco label, this is Sugarman 3 second soulful offering. This album illustrates the beginning of the groups movment towards a more traditional funk sound. Stripped down arrangements and a departure from solos, finds the Sugarman 3 focusing more on the strength of Scon'es percolating basslines and organ grooves.

A1 Soul Donkey
A2 Chicken Half
A3 Baby I Love You
A4 Turtle Walk
A5 Daisy Rides Again
B1 Double Back
B2 Pull My Cart
B3 Mulin' Around
B4 Saddle For Two
B5 Out A Sight
B6 So Long Donkey

Organ – Adam Scone
Saxophone [Tenor] – Neal Sugarman
Drums – Rudy Albin
Flute – Daisy Sugarman
Guitar – Coleman Mellett
Tambourine – Bosco Mann

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