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viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited • Jet Sound inc

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited are a Swiss instrumental band on the Dionysus Records label. They have released several albums. Their work has been used in American television shows such as The Chris Isaak Show, and they have created film soundtracks featuring their distinctive sound.

The Lizard 2:55
4th Gear Left Hand Corner 2:35
The Pool Scene 2:43
Snakecharmer 3:04
C For Cobra 2:43
Vampire Walk 2:19
Harlem Nightdrive 2:31
Kowalski 2:52
Emerald Coast 3:21
The Drunken Camel 2:56
36° In The Shade 2:29
Nightclub '67 2:36
Nassau Shake Down 3:08
The Birdman 3:09

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