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martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Sam Paglia • Lost In Lounge

Composer, lyricist, organist Hammond, singer, pianist and keyboardist (specializing almost exclusively in vintage keyboards such as Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and Moog piano), designer and writer. In 1996 he founded the Sam Paglia Trio, and as a tool he chooses the Hammond organ. In 1998 he released the Irma Records B-movie heroes bolognese label, his first record of original pieces as a fictional soundtrack of an imaginary film. It is the first case of an Italian disco dedicated to the film of genres of the police in which coexist with the influences of Italian masters of composition for film such as Umiliani, Piccioni, Trovajoli and Jimmy Smith and Quincy Jones jazz from afroamerican. Along with Irma Records in 2000 comes Nightclubtropez, a disco with influences of bossanova and soul jazz dedicated to dance music of Italian nights between the sixties and seventies with songs sung Continental 70 and Naitropè Clebtrope '. The album gets great reviews and boasts great distribution and sales mostly overseas: Japan, Australia, USA, Russia, England, Germany and Austria. In 2003, Cinedelic recorded the third album Killer cha cha cha, more on the soul jazz and funk side. Here are four covers for Bullitt and Room 26 (Lalo Schifrin, taken from the Bullitt 1968 film), Theme from The Liquidator (always from Schifrin from The Liquidator 1966) and Sanford & son theme by Quincy Jones The 1972 homonymous TV series. The first three discs have the covers designed by Sam himself. The pieces of these appear on dozens of dozens of compilations and its name is linked to the so-called lounge movement in Italy, which is part of the duo of the Montefiori Brothers (Montefiori Cocktail). In April 2000 Sam's trio meets in a unique and unrepeatable evening Piero Umiliani to play together the master's successes brought to the fore by the lounge movement, classics such as Gassman Blues (from the usual unknowns) and "Mah na mah na" (Song made popular by the Muppet show and originally written for Sweden's Hell and Paradise movie). For recording, it intensifies that of live and composing music for jingle advertising, television documentaries and film and shorts of author. In addition to playing all over Italy, the Trio plays in festivals and venues in Austria, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, England, Switzerland. The following albums are The rare Sam Paglia (Flipper / Hip Cub records) of 2005, Electric Happiness (Deja vu ') of 2009, The Last Organ Party (Flipper / Hip Club records) in 2012. Since 2003 he has started collaborating with the director Milanese Max Croci for which he will perform several short films and documentary music. Since 2005 he has been working as a composer for the Flipper Music publishing company specializing in television and cinema sound. ~Google translation

01. Sambenji (4:06)
02. Kiss My Ass (4:45)
03. Continental 70 (4:03)
04. Night Club Tropez (3:17)
05. Beloved (4:05)
06. You Lose You Win (3:00)
07. London Bossa (5:22)
08. Mr. Moog (3:07)
09. Linda (3:23)
10. After Pizza (4:01)
11. You Lose You Win (Reprise) (3:35)

Released: 2017
Time: 42:48
Styles: Jazz, Soul, Funk

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