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miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Paul Desmond & The Moder Jazz Quartet • Live At Town Hall

by Richard S. Ginell
The MJQ made their annual Christmas gig at New York's Town Hall one year, and who should show up after intermission but Paul Desmond, who would hardly bring himself to play with anyone in those days, save a Creed Taylor record date or two. The cool classical modernists and the dry-martini altoist are not unexpectedly a close fit -- after all, Percy Heath and especially Connie Kay had been fixtures on Desmond's solo sessions -- and they do some relaxed swinging turns on some congenial standards, adaptations of P.D. tunes ("La Paloma," "Greensleeves", one current hit ("Jesus Christ Superstar" in a cute John Lewis arrangement), and the inevitable "Bags' Groove" (here entitled "Bags' New Groove". Again, Desmond softly intones perhaps his favorite standard in the repertoire (he recorded it countless times), "You Go to My Head," tumbling contrapuntally around Milt Jackson in the tune, while "East of the Sun" has a fine chase sequence between the two down the stretch. Though they had been friends since the 1950s, this was apparently the only time the MJQ and Desmond ever performed in public, making this one-off album (issued well after Desmond's death through Lewis's efforts) a thing to savor for fans of all five musicians.

1. Greensleeves (3:10)
2. You Go To My Head (7:56)
3. Blue Dove (4:55)
4. Jesus Christ Superstar (4:54)
5. Here's That Rainy Day (4:50)
6. East Of The Sun (8:25)
7. Bags' New Groove (5:10)
Paul Desmond (as), Milt Jackson (vb), John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (b), Connie Kay (d).
Label Red Baron / Orig December 25-1971 / Release Date Nov 09, 1993 / Recording Time 39 minutes

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