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miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Organissimo • This Is The Place

Review by Scott Yanow
Organissimo is a funky and soulful organ trio based in Michigan. Organist Jim Alfredson, while touched by the style of Jimmy Smith, plays music that falls roughly halfway between soul-jazz and funk. He lays into catchy grooves and knows how to stretch out the music to its optimal length, leaving listeners wanting just a little more. Guitarist Joe Gloss is a perfect foil, while drummer Randy Marsh (who plays harmonica on "Brother Ray") keeps the momentum flowing. There is one guest appearance by tenor saxophonist Johnny Gist and two by percussionist Bill Vits, but most of the music is performed by the core trio. They must be fun to see live. Recommended.

1 Wealthy Street
2 Greaze Monkey
3 Brother Ray
4 Smoking Section
5 Stomp Yo' Feets
6 Intro
7 Tenderly
8 Play Nice
9 Peaches En Regalia
10 Pumpkin Pie

Personnel: Jim Alfredson: Hammond B3; Joe Gloss: guitar; Randy Marsh: drums, harmonica; Johnny Gist: tenor saxophone (track 5); Bill Vits: percussion.

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