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jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

Kevin Coelho • Turn It Up

At only eighteen years old, Hammond B3 specialist Kevin Coelho has already released two albums. His first Funkengruven in 2012 and his brand new disc Turn It Up.

On Turn It Up Coelho is helped out by Derek DiCenzo (guitar) and Reggie Jackson (drums). The trio add their jazzy soul inflected touches to famous standards like "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and "Georgia On My Mind" and even tackle some pop rock classics like the Beatles' "Come Together". Although it may not have the same energy as the original, maybe it's the lack of vocals, there is some excellent B3 work here and they really give this one a jazz rave up. The opening track "Root Down" is another good one featuring bubbling Hammond fills and a funky rhythmic groove. Prince's "Soft And Wet" is given that extra soul with some scintillating Hammond and lead guitar while the Coelho penned "Zig Zag" is an upbeat R&B rocker featuring Jackson's excellent work on the skins. Not sure how necessary the bonus tracks are but this is still a fine jazz/R&B album.

Kevin Coelho plays the Hammond well beyond his years. He is already an excellent improviser and arranger and will only get better over time. There is no telling how bright his star will shine.

Track Listing:
1. Root Down (5:09)
2. Soft And Wet (5:43)
3. Come Together (6:33)
4. The World Is A Ghetto (7:37)
5. Zig Zag (6:18)
6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (7:27)
7. Shadows (4:54)
8. Georgia On My Mind (7:49)
Bonus Tracks:
9. The World Is A Ghetto (radio edit) (5:39)
10. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (radio edit) (6:17)

Kevin Coelho - organ
Derek DiCenzo - guitar
Reggie Jackson - drums

Label: Chicken Coup
Release Date Oct 08, 2013
Recording Time 63 minutes

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