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lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Jazz Británico / British Jazz • Ronnie Scott

El jazz en Inglaterra que comenzara a tener gran aceptación a partir de 2º guerra, mayoritariamente por influencia de la tropas norteamericanas, era en general tocado por músicos de vaudeville o por el contrario de origen académico en general jóvenes explorando este “nuevo” sonido; ya en los ‘50 se había establecido explotando con el be-bop.

En esta entrada dedicada a un referente del Jazz Británico, comparto al saxofonista tenor Ronnie Scott [1927-1996] quien no sólo ha generado interesantes discos sino que también ha sido colaborador en discos de muchos colegas. En 1959 co-fundo el Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.


Automatic translation:
The jazz in England that began to have great acceptance from 2º war, mainly by influence of the American troops, was generally touched by musicians of vaudeville or on the contrary of academic origin in general young people exploring this "new" sound; Already in the '50 had been established exploiting with the be-bop.
In this entry dedicated to a British jazz referent, I share the tenor saxophonist Ronnie Scott [1927-1996] who not only generated interesting records but also collaborated on many colleagues' albums. In 1959 he co-founded the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.

Ronnie Scott - Battle Royal
01 Not So Fast (3:16)
02 Battle Royal (3:03)
03 Fast (2:57)
04 Twin Beds (2:47)
05 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (3:04)
06 Scott's Expedition (3:24)
07 Avalon (3:13)
08 Love Me or Leave Me (2:55)
09 Nemo (3:33)
10 Troubled Air (3:02)
11 Eureka (3:10)
12 Seven Eleven (2:55)
13 All the Things You Are (15:02)
Recorded December 3 1951 September 16 1952 December 13 1952

Ronnie Scott - Live at the Jazz Club
01 Popo
02 Pantagrulian
03 Mullenium
04 The Nearness of You
05 Nemo
06 All the Things You Are
07 The Champ
08 Day Dream
09 On the Alamo
10 What's New
11 I May Be Wrong
BBC Broadcasts Paris Cinema Studio London December 1 1952 and February 10 1953

Ronnie Scott - Presenting the Ronnie Scott Sextet
01 You Leave Me Breathless
02 Give Me the Simple Life
03 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
04 I P A Special
05 Squeeze Me
06 Avalon
07 Pittsburgh Opener
08 Bass House
09 It Don't Mean a Thing
10 All This and Heaven Too
11 This Can't Be Love
12 Phil's Tune
Recorded January 9 and 10 1957

Ronnie Scott - Ronnie Scott Orchestra - EP 31
01 Lester Leaps In
02 Seamen's Mission

Ronnie Scott - Ronnie Scott Orchestra - EP 61
01 Parisian Thoroughfare (Powell) (4:19)
02 Time After Time (Styne, Cahn) (2:42)
03 Don't Worry 'Bout Me (Bloom, Koehler) (4:07)
04 Quicksilver (Silver) (3:50)

Ronnie Scott - Ronnie Scott Quartet - EP 51
01 Tangerine
02 How am I to Know
03 I Cover the Waterfront
04 Night and Day

Ronnie Scott - Ronnie Scott Quintet - EP 20-006
01 Great Scott
02 All the Things You Are

Ronnie Scott - Ronnie Scott Quintet - EP 95
01 Split Kick
02 It Don't Mean a Thing

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  1. Hi :)
    Do you know Clint Strong?
    Did he recorded any solo albums
    or just with Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson?

    1. Well, I do not have Clint's solo album, you can check his participation in this album:
      If I find the disk, I post it.

  2. Thanks for these, used to visit Ronnies club back in the 60's and 70's.