egroj world: Zipflo Reinhardt • Light of the future
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viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Zipflo Reinhardt • Light of the future

A1. Antares 5:10
A2. Do You Like Music? 3:40
A3. Uptown Part 1 1:31
A4. Uptown Part 2 3:25
A5. Domestic Fly Part 1 1:18
A6. Domestic Fly Part 2 3:57
B1. Light Of The Future 5:57
B2. Mephisto Dance 5:54
B3. Andromeda Part 1 1:31
B4. Andromeda Part 2 4:28

Zipflo Reinhardt(violin)
Günter Möll(guit)
Hans-Peter Hepp(piano,elect piano)
Henry Darlowski(synth)
Jochen Schmidt(bass)
Werner Schmitt(drums)

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