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lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

VA • Baton Rouge Harmonica

A1 - Lazy Lester - Tell Me Pretty Baby
A2 - Lazy Lester - Whoa Now
A3 - Lazy Lester - Sad City Blues
A4 - Lazy Lester - Courtroom Blues
A5 - Slim Harpo - One More Day
A6 - Sylvester Buckley - I'm Getting Tired
A7 - Jimmy Dotson - My Poor Heart In Pain
B1 - Jimmy Anderson - Keep On Naggin'
B2 - Jimmy Anderson - In The Dark In The Park
B3 - Jimmy Anderson - Baby Let's Burn
B4 - Jimmy Dotson - Looking For My Baby
B5 - Jimmy Anderson - Frankie And Johnnie
B6 - Jimmy Anderson - Angel Please
B7 - Jimmy Anderson - I Wanna Boogie

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