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martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Sonny Phillips • My Black Flower

Review by Tom Schulte
Phillips marks Eddie Harris and Ahmad Jamal as his primary influences. Phillips studied under Jamal in the '50s and, like both players, he had a gentle, soulful ability. From Jamal, Phillips inherited or formulated a subtle, understated style of playing that used space and sounds akin to Miles Davis. It was in 1963 that Phillips toured as an organist with the great improviser Eddie Harris. On "My Black Flower," one can hear the beguiling, Jamal-inspired piano, and the organ fantasies are heard on "Me and Me Brudder." Another feature of this album is the inclusion of Latin rhythms, courtesy of conga and percussion journeyman Ralph Dorsey.

1 Goin' Home     6:37
2 Salaam 7     6:23
3 My Black Flower     5:02
4 Me And My Brudder     5:42
5 You Make Me Feel So Young     5:28
6 Jalal     5:13

Genre: Jazz
Notes: Original release 1977

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