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viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Mark Gamsjager & The Lustre Kings • Way Out There

Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings is a four-piece American band. “Way Out There” is their fourth album, which is very well presented and produced. It consists of 11 tracks; only some of them are kind of originals (“Empty Town” and “Just About Through With You” were not exactly written by the band, but Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings are the first ones to perform and record them). The rest are covers, which were carefully chosen. I could recognise only some of them - a cover of Eddie Angel's song "Humas High" as well as "Long Lean Baby" of Bobby Wayne and his Warriors are very well performed. And you will love the cover of Sparklin' Brown Eyes, the song which was performed and recorded by Wanda Jackson (who is, by the way, quite often backed up by the Lustre Kings these days). The band plays professionally and you won’t find anything wrong about their instrumental work, or in vocal of Mark.

There is a rockin' rhythm throughout the album which perfectly unites all the songs, but all are performed in different styles. So you have a feeling of traveling in the time through America and seeing the same band trying to fit the certain styles, popular here and there during several years. The first track brings you to the 1950s and makes you enjoy the vintage sound and sensation of a live performance. After that you will get a break to relax and enjoy a rhythmic ballad. And then you better be ready for a rockin' trip. Make yourself comfy and listen closely to amazing Gretsch guitar solos of Mark Gamsjager, supported by another fab guitar player Graham Tichy, the strong beat of Jason Smay's drums and happy slap of the upright bassman Jim Haggerty. And three songs ("Mr. Big", "Long Lean Baby" & "Shazam") give you a pleasure to enjoy the boogie-woogie piano of the band’s special guest - Jeff Potter. The time machine will show you the way out of present time and introduce you to doo-wop, country, hillbilly, bop and wild rock'n'roll, and then bring you back to rockabilly. The last composition is for those who like instrumentals. This final track shows the great skills and talent of all band members and that they certainly understand and enjoy the music they play.
Everyone will find something that they like about this CD and the person, who is just interested in 50s-60s music in general will enjoy every single song. I am sure of it. This is certainly the band for the big parties, because there are lot of people and all of them have different tastes, but this band will satisfy all of them.

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