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lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Jan Davis • Boss Guitar!-Best Of

An unheralded master of cool ‘60s instrumentals, Jan Davis straddled the worlds of the Ventures, the Rockin’ Rebels and the Shadows like a guitar-wielding superhero. Problem was, none of Davis’ eye-popping singles dented the national sales charts, so we’re here to right that wrong with 20 of his most powerful tunes! From the bloodcurdling scream that sucks you into "The Time Funnel" to the mystical swamp gibberish of "Watusi Zombie" or the baying bloodhounds on "Fugitive," we think it’s high time the rest of the world tune in to the sparkling guitar-universe of Jan Davis!

Track Listings
1. Fugitive
2. The Time Funnel
3. Watusi Zombie
4. Pooky
5. Walkin' Back
6. Guitar Star
7. Man From Nowhere
8. Lost In Space
9. (Return Of) The Green Hornet
10. Boss Machine
11. More (Theme From Mondo Cane)
12. Mystique
13. The Unwanted
14. Run For Your Life
15. Dreamer
16. Hop, Skip & Jump
17. Scramble
18. Snow Surfin’ Matador
19. The Flight Of The Bee
20. In Combat

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