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sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

Howlin' Wolf • The London Sessions

AllMusic Review by Cub Koda
For the casual blues fan with a scant knowledge of the Wolf, this 1971 pairing, with Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, and other British superstars, appears on the surface to be one hell of a super session. But those lofty notions are quickly dispelled once you slip this disc into the player and hit play. While it's nowhere near as awful as some blues purists make it out to be, the disparity of energy levels between the Wolf and his U.K. acolytes is not only palpable but downright depressing. Wolf was a very sick man at this juncture and Norman Dayron's non-production idea of just doing remakes of earlier Chess classics is wrongheaded in the extreme. The rehearsal snippet of Wolf trying to teach the band how to play Willie Dixon's "Little Red Rooster" shows just how far off the mark the whole concept of this rock superstar mélange truly is. Even Eric Clapton, who usually welcomes any chance to play with one of his idols, has criticized this album repeatedly in interviews, which speaks volumes in and of itself.

* Howlin' Wolf: vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
* Eric Clapton: lead guitar Clapton
* Hubert Sumlin: rhythm guitar
* Steve Winwood: piano, organ
* Bill Wyman, Klaus Voormann, Phil Upchurch: bass
* Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr (credited as "Richie": drums
* Ian Stewart, Lafayette Leake, John Simon: piano
* Jeffrey M. Carp: harmonica
* Joe Miller, Jordan Sandke, Dennis Lansing: horns

Disc: 1

1. Rockin' Daddy
2. I Ain't Superstitious
3. Sitting on Top of the World
4. Worried About My Baby
5. What a Woman!
6. Poor Boy
7. Built for Comfort
8. Who's Been Talking?
9. Red Rooster
10. Do the Do
11. Highway 49
12. Wang Dang Doodle
13. Goin' Down Slow (Bonus Track)
14. Killing Floor (Bonus Track)
15. I Want To Have A Word With You (Bonus Track)

Disc: 2

1. Worried About My Baby (Rehearsal Take)
2. The Red Rooster (Alternate Mix)
3. What A Woman (Alternate Take)
4. Who's Been Talking (Alternate Take)
5. Worried About My baby (Alternate Take)
6. I Ain't Superstitious (Alternate Take)
7. Highway 49 (Alternate Take)
8. Do The Do (Alternate Take)
9. Poor Boy (Alternate Take)
10. I Ain't Superstitious (Alternate Take)
11. What A Woman (Alternate Mix)
12. Rockin' Daddy (Alternate Mix)

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4 comentarios:

  1. Gracias egroj por compartir esta discazo!!!
    Saludos desde La Nave del Rock Argento.

    1. Gracia!! Este es un disco maravilloso, no solo por su valor musical, sino porque además da una idea idea de la personalidad del lobo, en las tomas alternativas sin filtro puede escucharse y percibirse (incluso con algo de enojo) como intententa enseñarle a estos ingleses como se toca el blues :D

    2. Jajaja!!! Eric Clapton siempre recuerda el reproche y el enojo de Howlin de como debia tocarse The Red Rooster. Un abrazo tocayo!!!