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lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Clark Terry - Terry Pollard • Cats vs. Chicks

Cats: Clark Terry, tp; Lucky Thompson, ts; Urbie Green, tbn; Horace Silver, p; Tal Farlow, g; Percy Heath, b; Kenny Clarke, d.
Chicks Norman Carson, tp; Terry Pollard, vbs; Corky Hecht, harp; Beryl Booker, p; Mary Osborne, g; Bonnie Wetzel, b; Elaine Leighton, d.
New York, NY, 1958

1. Cat Meets Chick (Cats)
2. Cat Meets Chick (Chicks)
3. Mamblues (Cats)
4. Mamblues (Chicks)
5. The Man I Love (Chicks)
6. The Man I Love (Cats)
7. Anything You Can Do (Both)

Chicks: Terry Pollard, vbs, p; Terry Gibbs, p; Ernie Farrow, b; Frank DiVito, d.
New York, NY, 1958

8. Good Bait
9. I Remember You
10. Terry's Blues
11. That Feeling
12. Terry's Romp
13. Emaline

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