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martes, 23 de mayo de 2017

VA • Rhythm Accordeon

Art Van Damme, Bengt Hallberg, Clifton Chenier, Gus Viseur, Richard Galliano ...

01 Ode to cleavage or the camel (Art Van Damme)
02 How high the moon (Ernie Felice)
03 Some of these days (Bengt Hallberg)
04 Love me or leave me (Mario Battaini)
05 In the mood (Tony Murena)
06 Saint Louise blues (Roland Cedermark)
07 Jipsy boogie (Emile Carrara)
08 I'll always be in love with you (Ernie Felice)
09 Rythmes gitans (Jo Privat)
10 Song of India (Gus Viseur)
11 Red river valley (Johnney Meijer)
12 Saint Louise blues (Bengt Hallberg)
13 Music maestro please (Ernie Felice)
14 Too close for comfort (Art Van Damme)
15 Moonlight serenade (Mario Battaini)
16 Mr.Sandman (Roland Cedermark)
17 Matelotte (Gus Viseur)
18 Is you is or you ain't my baby (Johnny Meijer)
19 I hear music (Art Van Damme)
20 Fine and dandy (Ernie Felice)
21 Lullaby of birdland (Mario Battaini)
22 Limehouse blues (Bengt Hallberg)
23 Deed I do (Johnney Meijer)
24 Dark eyes (Tony Murena)
25 Boppin' the rock (Clifton Chenier)

01 Joseph! Joseph! (Gus Viseur)
02 Bei mir bist du schoen (Roland Cedermark)
03 Saint Louise blues (Ernie Felice)
04 Cafe au lait (Tony Murena)
05 Careless love (Johnny Meijer)
06 Some of these days (Hubert Deuringer)
07 I know that you know (Ernie Felice)
08 It's easy to remember (Art Van Damme)
09 Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Mario Battaini)
10 Sheik of araby (Roland Cedermark)
11 Wave (Art Van Damme)
12 Gipsy swing (Tony Murena)
13 Sweet Georgia Grown (Ernie Felice)
14 Les deux guitares (Jo Privat)
15 How high the moon (Bengt Hallberg)
16 When your love has gone (Art Van Damme)
17 Opelousas hop (Clifton Chenier)
18 Saint Louise blues (Gus Viseur)
19 Don't be cruel (Roland Cedermark)
20 The bannister slide (Ernie Felice)
21 Le charmeur de serpents (Emile Carrara)
22 My kinde a love (Art Van Damme)
23 It had to be you (Johnney Meijer)
24 Bei ja-flor (Richard Galliano)
25 Flamingo (Mario Battaini)

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