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lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

J.B. Lenoir • J.B. Lenoir

Carrie Lee 02:39
Korea Blues 02:45
Eisenhower Blues 02:52
Man Watch Your Woman 03:08
I`m In Korea 03:02
Mama Talk To Your Daughter 02:28
Sitting Down Thinking 03:00
Don`t Dog Your Woman 03:08
Natural Man 02:30
If I Give My Love To You 02:35
Let Me Die With The One I Love 02:09
Mama Your Daughter`s Going To Miss Me 02:02
What Have I Done 03:09
Mama What About Your Daughter 02:28
We Can`t Go On This Way 03:08
Give One More Shot 02:20
Everybody Want`s To Know 02:17
J.B.`s Rock 02:26
If You Love Me 02:52
Low Down Dirty Shame 02:28
Don`t Touch My Head 02:17
When I Am Drinking 02:41
I`ve Been Down For So Long 03:16
Five Years 01:44
Daddy Talk To Your Son 02:46
I Don`t Know 02:23
Good Looking Woman 02:08
Voodoo Boogie 01:59


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