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lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Henry Mancini • The Jazz Sound From Peter Gunn

The music in this album offers an excellent sampling of the sounds you're likely to hear any Monday eve when Peter Gunn swings into action on NBC-TV. The musicians are the same jazzmen who are heard to outstanding advantage in all the programs. Here are some of them: Drummer Jack Sperling and bassist Rolly Bundock state the show's forceful opening motif, Fallout! The raw-sounding trumpet belongs to Pete Candoli, a veteran of the Woody Herman and Stan Kenton bands. Dreamsville, which might be subtitled "a love refrain for hipsters," features a moving alto sax solo by Ted Nash; his brother Dick can be heard dueling with fellow trombonist Milt Bernhart on Session at Pete's Pad. Saxist Ronnie Lang, who, in common with most of the musicians here, is a graduate of the Les Brown band, wields a bulging baritone on Sorta Blue. Other soloists at Mother's, the nitery where Peter Gunn hangs his Brooks Brothers jacket, are vibist Larry Bunker and pianist Johnny T. Williams.
This music is Peter Gunn's kind of jazz. I think you'll find that it's your kind, too."
- Blake Edwards


01. Peter Gunn
02. Blue Steel
03. The Brothers go to Mother's
04. Session At Pete's Pad
05. Walkin' Bass
06. Dreamsville
07. The Little Man Theme
08. Sorta Blue
09. Goofin' At the Coffee House
10. A Quiet gass
11. A Profound Gass
12. Fallout!
13. Lightly
14. Soft Sounds
15. Odd Ball
16. The Floater
17. Blues for Mother's
18. Brief and Breezy
19. Joanna
20. My Manne Shelly
21. Spook!
22. A Ball for John
23. Goofin' at the Coffee House (2nd)
24. Not from Dixie

Featuring: Pete & Conte Candoli, Frank Rosolino, Ted Nash, Bud Shank, Jimmy Rowles, Dick Nash, Emil Richards...
Music Composed by Henry Mancini

Arranged by Maxwell Davis, Pete Candoli
and Bob Florence.

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