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viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

So Blue So Funky • Blue Funk (Heroes of the Hammond)

01. Jimmy Mcgriff - All About My Girl
02. Big John Patton - The Silver Metre
03. Jimmy Smith - I'm Movin' On
04. Freddie Roach - Brown Sugar
05. Fred Jackson - Hootin' 'n Tootin'
06. Baby Face Willette - Face To Face
07. Larry Young - Plaza De Toros
08. George Braith - Boop Bop Bing Bash
09. Big John Patton - Fat Judy
10. Lou Donaldson - Everything I Do Gonna' Be Funky (From Now On)
11. Brother Jack Mcduff - Butter For Yo' Popcorn
12. Grant Green - Ain't It Funky Now

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