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miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

San Pedro Slim • Barhoppin

"Eleven blues originals, from jumpin' to lowdown, by singer/harpist San Pedro Slim, bearing tonemeister Rick Holmstrom's stamp in the guitar and production departments. Title notwithstanding, this is several cuts above your typical bar-band blues." —Vintage Guitar Magazine

01. If I Had My Way (3:40)
02. You're A Devil Now (3:14)
03. Door To Door (2:51)
04. When Will I Get My Time (5:01)
05. I've Got A Good Thing (3:02)
06. Barhoppin' (3:13)
07. Tables Do Turn (3:21)
08. Limited Means (3:34)
09. Blues At Last Call (4:18)
10. Time To Go Home (4:10)
11. Testify (5:05)

San Pedro Slim - vocals/harmonica
Rick Holmstrom - guitar
Andy Kaulkin - piano
Dale Jennings - bass
Danny Gruendler - drums

Time: 41:34
Released: 2008
Styles: Modern Electric Music
Label: Barrom Blues Music

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