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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Les Pommes de Ma Douche • Five men swinging

Editorial Reviews
With five acclaimed albums under their belt, Les Pommes de ma Douche have built a superb career and a golden reputation in the world of Manouche jazz. The group was central to the worldwide revival of gypsy swing. On Five Men Swinging, Les Pommes de ma Douche take their inspiration from America. They ve sought it out in every genre of American music, from Tin Pan Alley ( Lady is a Tramp, Night & Day ) to Hollywood ( Mannix ), via Kansas City ( Taps Miller ). The resulting album of standards is a musical manifesto that might have be called United Swing of America.

1. Americano (Nisa/R. Carosone) 03’09
Four Brothers (J. Giuffre) 03’38
I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (M. Kurz/A. Hoffman/W. Kent) 04’44
Night & Day (C. Porter) 03’37
Rythme gitan (J. Privat/R. Maurin) 02’47
Stompin At The Savoy (E. Sampaon/C. Webb/B. Goodman) 03’41
Lady Is A Tramp (R. Rodgers/L. Hart) 04’55
Walking with JB (D. Rivière) 03’22
Mannix (L. Schifrin) 02’45
Little Piece In C (M. Petrucciani) 04’10
Sixteen Men Swinging (E. Wilkins) 03’51
Taps Miller (C. Basie) 03’49

Enregistré au studio Pôle Nord à Blois. 2009.

Dominique Rouquier : guitare solo
Pierre Delaveau : guitare rythmique
David Rivière : accordéon
Laurent Zeller : violon
Laurent Delaveau : contrebasse

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