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miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Joe Pass & Paulinho Da Costa • Tudo Bem !

After countless solo guitar albums for Pablo, Joe Pass performed this welcome change of pace, a set of Brazilian tunes. Joined by fellow guitarist Oscar Castro Neves, bassist Octavio Bailly, drummer Claudio Slon, percussionist Paulinho da Costa and keyboardist Don Grusin, Pass plays warm solos on a variety of Brazilian tunes. Highlights include three songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim (including "Corcovado" and "Wave"), Deodato's "Tears," and Luiz Bonfa's "The Gentle Rain."

1. Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes)
2. Tears (Razao le Viver) (Eumir Deodato)
3. Wave (Jobim)
4. Voce (You) (Ronaldo Bôscoli, Roberto Menescal)
5. If You Went Away (Marcos Valle)
6. Que Que Ha? (Octavio Bailly, Jr., Don Grusin)
7. The Gentle Rain (Chuva Delicada) (Luiz Bonfá, Matt Dubey)
8. Barquinho (Bôscoli, Menescal)
9. Luciana (de Moraes, Jobim, Gene Lees)
10. I Live to Love (Oscar Castro-Neves, Luverci Fiorini, Ray Gilbert)

- Joe Pass / guitar
- Paulinho da Costa / percussion
- Octavio Bailly, Jr. / bass
- Oscar Castro-Neves / guitar
- Don Grusin / keyboards
- Claudio Slon / drums

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