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miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Jake Langley • Doug's Garage

Jake's debut CD with organist Doug Riley and drummer John Fraboni.

Jake Langley (guitar)
Doug Riley (hammond B3 organ)
John Fraboni (drums)

01.The End Of A Love Affair (5:57)
02.Adam's Apple (7:48)
03.Blue Bash (6:19)
04.Save Your Love For Me (8:07)
05.Invitation (8:54)
06.Ignant Oil (7:39)
07.The Jody Grind (5:23)

Recorded on Nov. 10 / Dec. 21, 1999.

Produced by Jake Langley
Cover design by David Wilson
Recording by Bryden Baird

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