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lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Hadda Brooks • Swingin' The Boogie

Pianista y compositora, llamada la Reina del Boogie, toca como pocos el Boogie Woogie, siendo altamente recomendable para los que gustan del género.


Pianist and composer, called the Queen of Boogie, plays like few Boogie Woogie, being highly recommended for those who like the genre.

1.: Swingin' The Boogie
2.: Teenage Boogie
3.: Lazy Boogie
4.: Hip Shakin' Boogie
5.: Boogie Celeste
6.: Blue Mood
7.: Nightmare Boogie
8.: Bluesin' The Boogie
9.: Ridin' The Boogie
10.: Bully Wully Boogie (take 1)
11.: Just A Little Blusie
12.: Rehearsin' The Boogie
13.: St Louis Blues Boogie
14.: Bully Wully Stomp (unedited version)
15.: Boogie Dance
16.: Eight Ten Boogie (take 2)
17.: Chop Chop Boogie
18.: Bluesin' On Central
19.: Improvised Boogie (Radio KRE aircheck 1946/hidden track) este último está en un solo track con el anterior

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