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domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Cal Tjader • Breeze From The East

Review by Stephen Cook Cal Tjader's Breeze from the East combined the vibist's Latin lounge style with kitschy Asian touches. In lieu of the Asian-born material and Lalo Schifrin's airy arrangements found on its predecessor Several Shades of Jade, though, Tjader opted here for Stan Applebaum's self-penned go-go charts. On "Sake and Greens," "Cha," and "Shoji," mod-rock guitar lines shadow Tjader's solos on pat-sounding Oriental scales, while pianist Lonnie Hewitt keeps up a soul-jazz rhythm -- picture '60s-era James Bond on a wild chase through the heart of Tokyo. Tjader's traditionally light, Latin combo approach -- sans much of the Eastern ornamentation -- is still used on standards like "Stardust" and "East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)" and even worked to somewhat sublime heights on "Fuji" and "Black Orchid." The ultra-smooth Latin jazz sound Tjader favored has always been more infectious than demanding and Breeze from the East's commercialized mod/eastern elements only end up expanding the pop exotica mix. Breeze from the East is only available on a double CD with Several Shades of Jade, but considering the comparable quality of both discs, it's not a bad deal or a kitsch overload.

01 Sake And Greens.mp3
02 Cha.mp3
03 Leyte.mp3
04 Shoji.mp3
05 China Nights (Shina No Yoru).2.mp3
06 Fuji.mp3
07 Black Orchid.mp3
08 Theme From Burke's Law.mp3
09 Star Dust.mp3
10 Poinciana.mp3
11 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon).mp3
12 Cha.2.mp3
13 Star Dust.mp3

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    1. Is a very interesting album, perhaps the first one that makes fusion between the jazz and the oriental sounds, with eminent orientation MGP, not falling in commercial thing, being original by others of original.
      Thanks for your comment.