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miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

VA • The Very Best Of 'This Is Acid Jazz' - A 10 Year Celebration

Review by Jason Birchmeier

The Very Best of This Is Acid Jazz: A 10 Year Celebration finds Instinct Records digging deep into its archive of This Is Acid Jazz compilations to assemble this double-disc best-of. The first disc focuses on the years 1991-1996 and collects all the classics -- tracks like Exodus Quartet's "What's That" that helped jump-start the acid jazz movement. The second disc compiles songs from the years 1997-2001, featuring well-known tracks like United Future Organization's "Somewhere" and Jimpster's "Topics in Groove." If you've always been curious about this long-running series of albums, this best-of is the perfect place to begin. It sorts through the clutter for you. However, if you already own a number of the This Is Acid Jazz compilations, you might want to hold off on this best-of since it reprises the best songs from those albums rather than presents new music.

Disc: 1
1. What's That - Exodus Quartet
2. Lonely Blues - Mitch Moses' Acid Blues Project
3. Sunshine - Little Big Bee
4. Obey The Rules Of The Night - Heavy Shift
5. Jazzin - Swing Machine
6. Rock Hopper - The Hip Joints
7. Surprise - Pal Joey's New Breed
8. Make Your Move Swing - CFM Band
9. Un Premier Jour Sans Toi - Reminiscence Quartet
10. Dig This - Mitch Moses' Acid Blues Project
11. Jazz Addiction - O.M.U.
12. When It's Cold - Disjam
Disc: 2
1. Funk Shack West - Sharpshooters
2. Dazzle - The Chris Bangs Project
3. On The Vibe - Duboniks
4. Iapetus (Jazzy Moon) - Ultralights
5. Vibe Merchant - James Hardway
6. Outta Sight - James Taylor Quartet
7. Rush Hour - Sambada
8. Somewhere - United Future Organization
9. Floot Juice - Yada Yada
10. Always 2 Always - Anthea
11. Total Float - Mr. Electric Triangle
12. Topics In Groove - Jimpster

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