egroj world: Sven Hammond Soul • The Marmalade Sessions

viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Sven Hammond Soul • The Marmalade Sessions

Funky fresh, this music was made for the dance floor. Sven Figees's hammond moans, sweats, sobs and wails over Joost Kroon's (New Cool Collective) mean drumming, while Glenn Gaddum's unwavering bass confidently pins it all to a steady Jazz groove. Contributions by vocalists Sherry Dyanne and Corrina Grayson add that special Soul flavor, while Benjamin Herman on sax adds his own distinctive tone to Benny's Blues. This is an album that makes you want to get up, clear your living room floor in one fell swoop and get down and boogie!

1. Svoogaloo
2. Spinning Out
3. Moet Jij Wete
4. Fatcakes
5. Looking Up Turning Round
6. Lust For Jive
7. Benny's Blues
8. Svub Dub
9. Crooked Shoe
10. Gotta Go
11. Miss Troglodite
12. Crooked Shoe Part II

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