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viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Oncle Archibald • Première

Gypsy Jazz like they played in France, in the 30's. but with a modern twist.
Gypsy Jazz, gypsy swing, swing manouche, parisian swing, hot club music… these are all names referring to an extraordinary musical style that rose to fame during the thirtes, especially in France, when the musical genius of guitarist Django Reinhardt, gave birth to a new sound that blended the sheer stamina of gypsy music, with jazz's finesse. The relentless rhythm section, with guitar and upright bass, the sophisticated melodies, the frequent virtuoso passages are this music's main elements, and it's such as this that it's presented nowadays, with its original appeal still intact.
Oncle archibald were born in Padua in late 2005; after a few line-up changes, the band settled on a tipycally Gypsy "two guitars and an upright bass" set. That set, though, is often enriched by many different guest, ranging from Sergio Marchesini on accordion, to Angelo Adamo on chromatic harp.
Their live exhibitions take place both on the road, as they did in various italian Buskers Festivals, in theaters, and at important national jazz festivals (like Veneto Jazz) and jazz clubs (such as the Hopfen&Co. and the Mama's Club).

Massimo VALVASORI: guitar
Enrico ZANELLA: guitar
Alessandro ARCURI: bass

Guest musicians
Angelo ADAMO: chromatic harp
Sergio MARCHESINI: accordion
Nicola MARSILLIO: clarinet

01. 52 Steps (3:40)
02. Rat Musqué (2:04)
03. Benny's Jump (3:08)
04. En Attendant Sergei (3:57)
05. Bolero 2006 (4:10)
06. Un'aria Balcanika (3:22)
07. Valle (4:50)
08. De-Cadence (3:27)
09. Empedoklez (2:27)
10. Maigret Al Louvre (6:16)
11. Barche in Luglio (3:59)
12. Maxie (5:15)

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